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Santa Carla Black Glossy Mug



Recently, the Santa Carla black glossy mug, which is ideal for morning coffee or afternoon tea, inspired by the Lost Boys classic film. But Santa Carla is a fictional place, after all.

Fan art: Lost Boys favorite Santa Carla; Santa Carla is among the most iconic places in American cinematic history. Dedicated fan art has been integrated on the tracklisting. Embrace the world of vampires, enjoy every day for your favorite TV series, movie, anime art, or beloved classics.

Business use: support your local, small, or big business and show your support with this unique item to your friends.

Quality and price: The mugs for The Lost Boys are only lasered and not a cheap sticker.

Order from us: A unique Christmas gift, ideal for viewing parties with friends and relatives. Gift wrapping is available with many more features.