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Marvel Jesus Can-shaped glass


Introducing the must-have item for any Marvel fan: the Marvel Jesus Can-shaped glass. Inspired by the epic battle between Deadpool and Wolverine, this glass is a tribute to the ultimate superhero, Wade Wilson. With its sleek design and 16 oz. volume, it's perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages, whether it's a refreshing soda, iced coffee, cocktail, or fancy mocktail.

Made from high-quality glass, this glass exudes both style and functionality. Its timeless appeal will make it a staple in your glassware collection. Please note that this glass is not dishwasher or microwave-safe, so be sure to hand wash it with care.

At VAW Designs, we take pride in creating products that are made just for you. That's why it may take a bit longer for your order to be delivered. By producing items on demand instead of in bulk, we are able to reduce overproduction and make more thoughtful purchasing decisions. Thank you for supporting sustainable and ethical practices.