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Disturbance In The Force Black Glossy Mug



Do you have trouble on your mind? An earworm playing Tetris in your head? Riled at your ex, or just have qui gon jinn bad hair day? Be encouraged by Atama Yama panda. She has offered boxes and gloves to you and asks they make you happy and gracious every day. She and Tora from Norway are the best part of my job promotion! Love them. Love you. May Inhave peace because I never stop shopping at VAW. I mean, I am going into debt, but I am an artisan so the rants and soliloquies about the truth can go on for a long time. (dare say forever!)

This mug is perfect for coffee, tea and hot chocolate. With its classic shape this mug is an essential. Enjoy your brand new VAW Designs mug during breakfast or a coffee break at work. Please note there is a 10 day processing time, and please be advised to allow time to receive your product.